Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Stuff Shirt Designed by Me! :D

So yeah new things are going on in my shop right now. I've started the shirt side of my business! The first design is simple but still oh so sweet :) Here is a few pics of the shirt and me in them! Want one then go here:

Oh yeah, my hair has some pink in it now XD I love it and I'm definitely going to keep it going for a while till I get tired of it. I'm about to hit 300 sales in my shop and I'm so happy things are going smoothly. Hope to blog more this year because last year was not really a blogging year hahha. I'm going to be drawing up more shirt designs for different colored shirts with colorful designs on them and hopefully get this whole shirt thing going as it has been a dream of mine to design my own shirts (among many other dreams that is ;D ) All in all I hope 2010 to be busy and fun!


Oops hahah! Forgot to include pics of some fingerless mittens i made! Hope to make some for the shop embelished with decorations and all that good stuff, I took pics of these before i put anything on them, the finished ones have a pink heart on each with white ruffles around the heart. Super cute and warm!

3 comments: said...

Good blog.

Carolyn Michelle said...

Yay! You're back! I've missed seeing the cute things you make and hearing the stories behind them. :)
I love the shirts...are you screenprinting them?

elishacopeland said...

awe thank you! im not actually screenprinting them-i designed them then i have a local shop who hand screen prints them, so im supporting handmade, and local business :D