Friday, September 11, 2009


i just hit 200+ sales on etsy im so super excited its' been a little over a year and i did it. the future is bright as i have barely done anything that i planned to do. i will eventually do prints, more amigurumi of course with patterns as well, tshirts has been something ive always wanted to do, and more jewelry :D just super excited and relieved that people out there actually like what i do! and also, im starting to take better photos with my camera so you can def see a difference in some of my newly listed items i'm trying to make my shop look super awesome so here is to hoping! heres some pics of some new stuff :D

also, there is a new pattern in my shop just listed last week for my super cute elephant amigurumi, check it out!

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Carolyn Michelle said...

200+ sales?? Intense! You go girl!
-Carolyn Michelle