Friday, August 21, 2009


my cherry ring pop ring is in the esty storque blog as part of a group of items for the clueless bride :D

(click here or on the photo)
be sure to check it out, im thankful to have been chosen to be part of the blog post on <3>

as far as the shop goes i made my first treasury the other day but it's already expired :( but im working on 2 new patterns soon one for the elephant amigurumi that's new to the shop, and one is for the mushroom and moss forest friends amigurumi :D i also am almost finished with the plankton amigurumi im making for my son from the show spongebob and getting started on mr krabs, wish me luck whew!

woo! prob going to do a giveaway soon on my blog AND be getting with a blog owner doing a girl/boy giveaway for modern moms to stay tuned

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