Monday, August 24, 2009

sprinkle and resin

welp, ive come to realize im not very consistant when working with resin making the sprinkle jewelry. mind you, the only ones i post on etsy are in the most perfect condition and have no probs what so ever i just keep trying new things and its not working when i should have just kept doing the same thing all along >: . buttttt ive decided that i am going to still just dable in resin but i am going to start making sprinkle resin plugs, just bought 2 pairs of 00gauge plugs for myself and one pair is great! but the other, so trashed they are. so im going to be ordering lots of diff sizes and prob making some for friends as i know a ton of chicks with gauged ears that would def wear them. till then, ill post pics sometime prob tomorrow of my finished ones i did and get supplies going on the best way to make them but i will be putting them in the shop soon :D

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