Thursday, August 6, 2009

long time not blog AGAIN and AGAIN LOL

so ive been just hanging around working on my shop and stuff typical things really. lots of outside projects im working on ive got a good friend of mines baby shower this coming weekend and im trying to make some super cute baby stuff for her little boy and then ive also got lots of other things im working on. ive been buying up all the patterns from this shop her spongebob characters are so awesome and little ian lovessss spongebob so im slowly making all the characters. here are the ones so far ive made:

i think ill make plankton next since hes small LOL. anywaysss im so excited i never do swaps as i dont know how to initiate trades or what not and i did a swap with tokyobunnie who i follow on twitter. she owns and by golly i LOVE her stuff it's super super cute. heres what i got! i cant wait to get ahold of more im going to get tshirts and prob a belt soon i cant wait ehhee hee i almost cried i was so excited!

im hoping to do more swaps as i never really do much for myself, im always buying supplies or a little thing here or there but id love to start doing swaps with other awesome etsy/crafty people.
ALSO not sure if im sapposed to say anything or not but i got a msg from an etsy admin and apparently im going to be in one of the etsy blogs soon (one of my items) in a couple of weeks and im so excited ive never had anything to that degree happen to the shop so it should be pretty exciting!


Carolyn Michelle said...

Ohmigosh!!! In an etsy blog???? SWEET!!!! Be sure to post the link when you get it up!!! Tres Cool, well done.
Carolyn Michelle

Holly said...

Yayyyy!! Congratulations! You should totally shout from the rooftops, throwing lollipops at yourself! :D