Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my etsy rant....first one ever

for those of you that are sellers on etsy im pretty sure you have noticed a slow down. im not one to complain about not having sales, but it's starting to be a little like wow....i feel this whole search term change has greatly affected everything i am working for. my biggest customer base is from google searches-new customers that see something they want, sign up then purchase. i check my google analytics frequently (almost daily) and it's pretty much a waste of time to even look- my views are in the -% (negative percentages they are down so bad) i was getting at least 60-100 views per day and now im getting 20-30 and im pretty sure most are twitter people that are curious....anyways, if this is a constant thing i guess ill leave etsy and make my own website...it's def a disappointment when i search for my listings in google and all my flickr photos come up instead.......even if i go 3 months without a sale that's totally fine! but i would sure like views like it normally has been before i feel my shop is just lost amongst the thousands on etsy.


Creative Cards said...

Lots of people are super unhappy about Etsy stealing away views etc. It's really crappy.

Maybe if things don't work out, having your own website will be the best idea - you can still use Etsy to promote if you like, but with your own website you don't have to pay any stupid fees!


Meg said...

I didn't realize the extent of the change until reading posts like yours. I have a shop on Etsy mainly b/c it was helping to direct traffic to my www, but truth be told it i my www that is picking up the search hits. Maybe your own www isnt a bad move. Your pieces are great and with the right tags, they will get hits by the hour!