Friday, May 29, 2009

another post-should post more lol

sooooooo long time no blog-i always seem to be starting off saying that lol. so what's new in my world? not much really, same ole same ole, BUT i have been invited to sell in an actual store for the first time ever and im super stoked! ill give you a little background and stuff ok so, there is a local tattoo shop here that's been here for a while and they have a shop next to theirs that they are turning into a local artists shop. a local tshirt designer in my area contacted me to make his symbol into a stuff toy and of course i accepted the challenge. here was what i did:

here is a pic of his little symbol it's called "People Eating Puppies" and he does stickers, shirts, etc and he wanted the puppy made as a toy so i took this pic:

and made these:

after that it all kinda fell into place, he invited me to sell my stuff in their shop when it opens and im so excited! ill prob start off with stuff that i dont have a lot of in my etsy such as bats, tattoo type of jewelry, rockabilly stuff since it's a tattoo atmosphere. ill slowly work some of my crochet prob cupcakes and stuff and amigurumi jewelry and of course my little rainbow brooch ive already made six lol and see how it goes!

besides all that, the shop is steady, ive introduced my line of ice cream amigurumi-ive done some minuature crochet which i plan to do regularly- & im going to put some new jewelry designs in. ill prob even tap into the iron on transfers for tshirts too since i have a package of them just need to sit down and make designs. i think it woul be pretty cool to take totally kawaii amigurumi pics and turn them into iron on transfers. after ive gotten up to snuff on getting things made for the shop in my town, im going to sit down and try and bust out new and crazy cute amigurumi, and im also going to start offering inexpensive web graphics in my shop for those that don't have the knowhow for that sort of thing. other than that, i cant think of anything else that's happened. OH! also, an etsy friend of mine is doing a giveaway on her blog you should check it out her stuff is totally cute!!! =

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Carolyn Michelle said...

Haha, People Eating Puppies, so cute!!! And...disturbing, a little. Nice work and congrats on getting in a shop!!!!!
-Carolyn Michelle