Wednesday, April 8, 2009

long timey-no blogey

SO hey everybody it's been a while! shesh, ive been super busy...on top of taking care of ian and housework etc, ive had somewhat of an easter rush i think. i just hit 100 sales today!!!!!!!!! pretty excited im no longer in the double digits took a while to get there too seems like. ive figured out etsy chat.

im going to start keeping amigurumi and plain crochet cupcakes in my shop, they seem to be well liked. i also got my first "major" custom order i've got a little over a month to make 1/2 dozer neopolitan cupcake amigurumi and a triple scoop neopolitan ice cone amigurumi it's going to be cute i know it :D pretty excited about that, and i just ordered a heck of a lot more shrink plastic so i can make white, & black pieces that will be pretty cool. other than that, everything is going smoothly, ive been working on a 7 foot tall tree collage painting for a friends sister's baby nursery and it's finishing up nicely all i have left is some touch ups and putting fabric flowers/blossoms and little birds on it and put them in the frames i'm hoping when it's all said and done it will look good and be a hit and have good pics taken for everybody to see :D

maybe if that triple scoop ice cream cone works out ill keep it or make at least one for the shop. so anyways, im getting really into (somewhat) sprinkle resin jewelry-i've bought a heart sprinkle resin ring and a cute ducky sprinkle resin necklace and paid $5 for each which is an awesome price! i like finding inexpensive cute stuff on etsy some of it's really expensive my next purchase will probably be some sprinkle resin ear plugs (stretched ear lobe jewelry) for my ears and i know they will be super cute and im so excited for this one etsy seller to make them and see how they turn out yes yes :B this is a link to what i'm talking about (my ear holes arent quite this big but you get the idea):

so, i guess ill stop talking away like crazy thought i would post since i havent in a while and put a couple of pics up of some of my newer stuff.

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