Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hoping this is a pretty good update lol

so here's an update and it's pretty picture heavy :D lol i completely finished with the neopolitan themed order. i posted pics of the cupcake photos and then the best of all is the triple scoop ice cream cone. i did the 3 scoops in the same color sequence as the cupcakes to keep it all looking similar and did it all free hand i guess you could say? didnt do sprinkles i put a cute little light pink bow on the chocolate scoop which i love to put bows on sweet looking amigurumi XD didnt refer to anything just did it. im really proud of how it turned out. i wrote it all down too so i can make more im thinking i totally want one for myself. plus i can do double scoop and single scoop ice creams and the colors combos are endless. enough rambling heres the pic:

yay! anyways ive been doing a little shopping on etsy and thought id share some of the things ive bought with you guys since they are super cute! first things first i bought a super cute pouch from berrysprite and im totally in love with it and i show it off to everybody!

then! i ordered my business cards *finally* which are also VERY cute and i wanted to buy a little card holder to put in my purse to put a couple of cards in SO i have had my eye on this listing for a while and decided id go ahead and get it because it's just so cute and totally my style :D the back opens to slide in prob about 20 cards.

THEN there is the cotton candy necklace of all cotton candy necklaces. so love this necklace i bought this and i wear it as much as possible XD i just love it!

OK so a little more rambling-kinda a little mental note for myself of what to do. i bought the boy and girls shoes crochet pattern from sylverdesigns on etsy a while back and ive been making those baby shoes for friends babies and man i get a headache making them. WELL ive got to make 5 pairs-i knew as soon as i agreed to i would get behind on other things and what do ya know, im behind. almost done though i may try and post pics since some of the color combos are really pretty. now, ive only got one custom order open and it's a my chemical romance doll. ive never made a doll. so far the body is pretty good looking and ive painted the eyes, but i have to sew clothes and figure out something for the hair. im thinking all felt, even the hair. we will see how that turns out o.o it will be nice when im done with the shoes and finish the doll im going to take a break from uploading new stuff and try and move out my old stock. that way i can sit down and just make a whole bunch of stuff and all totally new stuff and restock with stuff like oswalds and the forest friends amigurumi and be done with it. ive told myself i need to stop listing stuff that isnt made yet because people pop in the shop at randoms times and all order at the same time then that puts me behind further so im trying to be strict on myself to make it or be halfway done with it THEN list it. anyways, hope that wasnt too terribly boring. it's storming here so i better post it before it's all lost :\


Creative Cards said...

Loooove the icecream! So cute!
Definitely a good idea to list things *after* they've been made, I think. Buyers like me could get impatient for their super cute purchase! ^___~

Meg said...

those cupcakes are DEEEEEliciously cute!