Sunday, March 22, 2009


i officially turn the big TWO FOUR tomorrow and i have no immediate plans. what a boring person i've become lol. nah, really its monday and ill probably just go out to dinner with my hubby and my son, get lots of candy, and call it a night :D still working on a big art project for my neighbor's neice's nursery ive been putting it off just a little :\ other than that making baby shoes for all these upcoming babies an i've actually been working on baby bibs. it's kinda hard for me to tie off knots without them unraveling on flat crocheted pieces but it think it's for the shop- im going to try to put some in there but not many. i guess im going to start keeping oswald the octopus in stock which means i have to make about 3 or 4. i may also do a pattern as well. and that's another thing, i need to get to working on more patterns for those people out there that crochet.

other than that, im going to make some cute jewelry which im excited about i just have to have free time to do it. on a personal note im really ready to get another tattoo, probably just a small not a big deal tattoo but it's been a while and i feel like i need something-i'll draw it of course. i need to go shopping too, and not for my shop but for myself. i haven't bought any clothes or shoes or anything in so long im slowly losing my baby weight *2 years later* and hope to be back to my normal size eventually and i want to start wearing things ive always wanted to wear high waisted jeans, high waisted pencil skirts with a cute tuxedo shirt, etc etc. OH yeah, i got a twitter and used it daily i would say- i have an app on my iphone so it takes like 2 secs so i just decided to use it if you feel like following me by all means do ***i will warn you though it's not really about my crafts just about what im doing thinking etc i didnt feel i needed a twitter for my shop since i have a myspace and blog.....i talk like a sailor sometimes so dont be surprised lol but it's a little boring right now because i just pretty much talk to myself hahahha

anyways, i blogged ;D

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sunnie fairy said...

Happy Birthday! :]
BTW, I tagged you!