Friday, March 13, 2009

it's been a while

welp, i typed up this long blog of everything that's been happening since my last post and it deleted itself? im without a mouse mine isnt working so i highlighted it and it deleted it.....ANYWAYS, ill post pics of new things. since my last post ive been selling stuff like crazy it's been a steady thing. also, ive set up the new feature on etsy for the google analytics which is very helpful and full of information regarding visits to your site and where they are from etc i suggest you sign up for it. it's right at the bottom on the left on your etsy below vacation mode :D

*i cant load pics because i cant drag and drop so i guess im not loading any pics on this entry :(

also-i woke up to an email this morning i was featured for the first time every at for my amigurumi oswald the octopus yay! also*i say that a lot* thank you to everybody that comments, i do read them and appreciate it but the way this blog is set up it's hard to respond back and i dont want to be rude and take up comments and respond back on your blogs but i try to comment on entries of my subscriptions as much as possible i love reading them :D


Holly said...

Yay congrats on being featured and on your steady sales :)

penguinsplunder said...

oooh congrats for the feature! and that TOTALLY sucks about your mouse...I bet it makes life REALLY difficult...