Thursday, February 5, 2009

super excited!!!

so i had a brain slowdown yesterday then last night i decided ring pop rings! i can make them in any colors, make rings, pendant, keychains, clips, hair clips, la la la. anyways, made one here's the pic:

also! ive hit 51 sales which is closer to my 100 sale mark so that's exciting and yes i have his 100 shop favorites!!! ive been waiting to do a screen cap and i did and im really happy about it!!!!!!

that's all for now this was just a quickie post hehe :D


sunnie fairy said...

oh, I love the ring pop! congratulations, that's so exciting about 100 faves! :]

Carolyn Michelle said...

100 faves and 51 sales, giiiirrrlll you rock! Wish I had more time on my hands. Life is so crazy, it's unreal. Hope Ian's head heals well. :P Poor lil guy.
Amigurumi ringpops are a yes. I just want to see how they'd look!
Have a wonderful week,
-Carolyn :]

penguinsplunder said...

oh congrats on your sales!! That's exciting. ^_^

sunnie fairy said...

Okay, wow!!! I just realized you have 72 sales! :] Congrats! That is so awesome. I remember when you got your first sale. You were so excited.