Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mom and shop stuff :\

yeah havent been in a blogging mood here lately. been making stuff and stocking up more of the same thing SLOWLY over the past couple of months....things in my personal life are starting to not be so hectic where im having to run around all the time ALTHOUGH my son fell on saturday and we had to rush him to the er for 3 stitches on his forehead.....he fell and cut his forehead open on the trim along the floor. our house looked like a murder scene it was horrible....other than that, things are more relaxing :\ i found a lion brand wool yarn and joannes fabrics the other day with a sparkle thread in it and its white yarn and thought welp, gotta make sparkle unicorns now lol. need to make a couple more and work on some patterns and more cupcakes.

here's a pic of ian after stitches :( (nobody warns you of this stuff before you have kids)

here is another pic of ian and the teddy bear they gave him, i embroidered stitches on the bears forehead just like ians :D

and the most recent unicorn (the sparkle one)

what i really need to do is make more rings....maybe amigurumi rings? hmm....anyways, a couple of octopus are on my do to list for those shoppers that are indecisive. also, need to work on some dog clothes for a friend of hoping it's a boy dog so i can make a black top hat it would be so cute! if not ill make a pink one lol. that's all for now i think, im going to hop off here and work and color in coloring books with ian :B


sunnie fairy said...

oh, tell Ian I hope he gets better! :] and I can't wait to see the octopuses! or octopi? whatever.

Alisha said...

Poor little guy : (