Monday, January 12, 2009

just because, and to help me lol

im going to make a to do list blog for 2009:

To Do:

-make prints of my artwork
-get business cards
X-make and write cupcake pattern
X-make the rest of my patterns i lost when my comp crashed :(
-get better at crochet
-make tons of stickers
-more shrink plastic accessories in tattoo art, kawaii characters, and just geekery all around
-be more organized
-get to sewing on my machines so i can make my own clutch bag :D and sell things like that
-paint more.....i need to have more paintings of original artwork and of course do prints of them
-make my own stationary
-make a coloring book!
X-make pears and my own pear pattern
-do a give-away or contest
-many more i just cant remember....
-make a big batch of random stuff and find a vendor to sell it in my local area

boring post i know. i just want to put it up so i can refer back as a reminder of what i need to do :D


Carolyn Michelle said...

You read my mind!!! Man, are we crazy or what? so many goals, so little time. I'm sure we can do it. Hehe. We'll surely see, not won't we.
<3 Carolyn Michelle

penguinsplunder said...

eeep I need to make alist for myself too I think.