Friday, January 2, 2009

it's been a long holiday

not the best christmas as far as christmas's go....kinda tired on christmas and the whole buying my son an awesome tricycle fell through but my dad got him one in the end that works just fine. not only was a stressed on that, but filling orders, and then ian busting his face on some concrete steps which is what he always seems to do some way or put me in a bad mood for the rest of christmas since he scuffed up his face and i don't like to see him get hurt. other than that ian got some awesome toys that he loves. still waiting on a couple of things i bought on ebay that i'm excited about. kinda sad that the leopard mary jane flats are too big for me to try and wear so i might put bows on them and sell them on etsy unless there happens to be a size 10 on this blog that wants to trade or something? lol i dunno, anyways, finished some new things, made a new pattern, and going to start working working working to get back to making things new. after making and seeing those pears i made for a friend from a free pattern, i'm thinking about making a pattern of my own to make and sell the pears they are just so cute. there are things i wanted to do different and i want the challenge to right another pattern :D

new to the shop-

custom order from over the holidays-octopus unicorn and dino


sunnie fairy said...

oh, I hope Ian gets better soon! I like the slice of apple amigurumi! so cute.

Carolyn Michelle said...

I'm sorry your Christmas wasn't super crazy fun, there's always next year. :P
Cute stuff, I really do like your unicorn pattern. So kawaii. Mhm.
I wish I wore size 10 shoes! I'd be all over those mary janes. Too bad.
Happy new year!
-Carolyn Michelle