Sunday, December 14, 2008

woah, woah

im so stressed right now, ive gotten a little taste of having a bunch of custom orders all at once. so i did the octopus in the previous blog, then i had a couple of days of nothing in the shop. then out of the blue, i got a custom order for 2 unicorns and a dinosaur. no prob ill make 'em yatta yatta fun fun, then the next day someone ordered the unicorn, octopus, and snowman ornament in my shop so i had to step away from the custom order to ship the other stuff. THEN the same day just later in the day someone convo'd me and asked for a dinosaur, unicorn, and octopus but she said there wasnt a hurry to ship it. ok, a little busy i guess no prob, THENNNN i get an order for an octopus, dinosaur, and the deer already in my shop and goodness then i was stressed. i feel behind completely even though i'm not, i don't like to make people wait. after all that and im finishing things up i start second guessing how they look as the finished product "oh i hope they think these are cute" and starting to feel negative. then i get a message that a trade i did was damaged in the mail, i guess the gloss wasnt completely dry so on top of all the custom orders i have to make a shrink plastic pendant so whew, im not complaining just venting lol. anyways, i need to be working lol, so hopefully things will slow down so i can catch up and add new things to the shop etc :D

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