Thursday, December 4, 2008

quickie post :B

had another custom order, she wanted the hello kitty for tokidoki necklace so i drew her one on shrink plastic but changed it up just a little bit and fixing to put it in the mail to send to her :D

finished a unicorn but this time i did yarn which looks better and is actually easier to do the mane and tail with yarn here's the pic

also, thought i would take pics of my stocking and my husbands stocking i did for christmas last year *pre blog and etsy* so i remembered i needed to take pics when i got them out this year.

made some stickers and put them in the shop and on custom orders and "special" orders ill include some free ones i think if i'm able to, other than that im finishing up an amigurumi dinosaur and will give the customer the option to choose the colors of it's spikes. then more jewelry after i take a "break" for a couple of days but we will see how that goes hah.

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Carolyn Michelle said...

Heehee, I love the unicorn. Super cute! Do your hands hurt as bad as mine do from hyper-crocheting?? lol. Ahhh the joys of December. <3