Monday, December 1, 2008

more stuff for christmas

found some more things for christmas that are a treat to myself and of course some things for my little boy. i just happened to log into my craft myspace and saw a bulletin from a girl that has some pretty awesome prints and they were orginally 15.00 but were on sale over the weekend for 7.50, i couldnt pass it up plus i need to start getting prints for my house to give the walls some jazz here are the two i bought :D her etsy is here:

then, a girl i did a custom order for a couple of weeks ago has an etsy shop and i was just surfing around browsing through her goods and i found some awesome color pencils from japan for my little boy and they were a great price her etsy is here: then i found some big recycled crayons for him since they wont break and prob wont be determined to eat them like regular crayons, i bought the crayons from here: you better believe we will be coloring in coloring books this next year :D

other than that, im finishing up another unicorn, just listed a mushroom and moss amigurumi, and working on a dinosaur, and some little knick knacks.


sunnie fairy said...

oh, I love the second print of the octopus! That color is perfect.

penguinsplunder said...

Oh fun pics!!! Love the crayons and colored pencils hee hee