Monday, December 8, 2008

business is picking up

ive been REALLY busy this past week. seems like i went through a spert, where everybody wanted a dinosaur lol. i made a couple of dinosaurs and have it relisted which means i need to go ahead and make another one as a just in case it's ordered deal. this past friday the 5th? my sister had her baby (younger sister) and we were at the hospital doing all that stuff and when we left i was out of internet range. i use my iphone A LOT to check my emails, get on myspace, check my shop etc etc, anyways, not expecting a thing, i get 2 requests, one for oswald the octopus a character from nickelodeon, and for a dinosaur. the octopus was made kid safe since it's a christmas gift for a little boy (i think) this is his favorite character and she said my price is fair i hope she likes it. here is a pic of the octopus i think it turned out well, i put one tentacle up cause he's always waving, and made a top hat it was soooooooo easy i think i may make a bunch or write a cute little pattern or something lol.

anyways, husbands on vaca all this week and me and the toddler so ill have free time to work, gonna drink my coffee sorry my posts arent really interesting i kinda use it as a tracker for my progress and thoughts etc.


Carolyn Michelle said...

I wish my shop would pick up a bit more. And don't fret, your posts are always fun to read. I'm going crazy right along with ya. Heehee, have a good week.
~Carolyn Michelle

sunnie fairy said...

Oh, he really looks like Oswald! congrats on getting more business, That's always so exciting. Oh, and tell your sister congrats for me!

penguinsplunder said...

Congrats!! Glad to hear things are picking up, your stuff is awesome so I'm happy for you. ^_^ My brother just had his baby too! lol babies everywhere..