Friday, November 14, 2008


my first go around with shrink plastics was a success.....even though i used wax paper in the oven and nearly burned the house down....who would have thought wax melted???? anyways, i made a bear lollipop with glitter and a fancy cupcake both are keychains. im working on the same cupcake just minus the sprinkles to make into a necklace which i need to go buy glitter and price the glosses that make it a lot more pretty. other than that im going to make shrink plastics from now on, so i can offer a variety in my shop. plus i want to make stuff for myself and its easy to do and i can give stuff to my friends to pimp out as well, im just really doesnt take a lot with my friend and some light shopping today kid free for the afternoon, it's going to be a good day i think!!!


sunnie fairy said...

oh, those are so cute!!! :]

Carolyn Michelle said...

So kawaii, I love 'em! Great colors, too. Nice work!