Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what a freakin day

so today i started on a post card i plan to have printed to sell for christmas and it's going to be really cute! ive been playing with my son all day, and doing ok i guess, then all of a sudden.................................................i spilled my sweet tea all over my yarns. im sooooooo mad. i really dont even want to think about it right now considering it was my expensive yarns. THEN yesterday afternoon i shipped dainty daisy my felt deer to a girl in the united kingdom (my first international sale and shipement ever) and i messed up her address by one letter...........i just cried. it hasnt been a very good week so far. on the bright side i am participating in paper cakes giveaway contest so ill cross my fingers and hope things get better. as of now, im working on felts, such as christmas ornaments and that drawing for a christmas postcard to sell in the shop so stay tuned. next time hopefully ill be more positive throughout the post :(

******on a personal note im so ready for this political stuff to be over with even tho person i want to win probably wont. it will be interesting to see what direction this country goes..............hah

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sunnie fairy said...

oh wow. O_o I once spilled melted chocolate on my yarn. Yeah, I know. melted chocolate. it's a long story ;]