Sunday, November 23, 2008

marie antoinette

so i made this necklace with the face of marie antoinette, and im definately making one for myself when i have time ;D turned out great!! it's up in the shop of course with a FREE "let them eat cake" cake cell phone charm.

on another note, im kinda at a loss for words im a little braindead it's been a muggy dreary day, and my brain is on shutdown ive been doing so much brainstorming and work on things. lastnight turned out to be a great night because i had a bulk sale of 3 things out of the blue sitting in my email inbox and it realllllyyyy made me happy. ill always be giddy and excited when i sell things whether it's sale 9, or 1000. anyways, ive made a list of things i want to accomplish by "black friday" as a just in case. and also, im contemplating on doing a sale on my older items that arent selling as easily as the newer stuff.....not sure yet though, i may wait till they expire and lower their prices considerably when they are relisted. more to come i guess lol, just going to bust my butt to get things done i want to make new and repeats of things that seemed to be a "hit".

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sunnie fairy said...

oh, I love sales! ;] Marie Antoinette looks really classy!