Thursday, November 13, 2008

havent gotten too much done ;D

i havent posted in a while and i havent done too much (as far as crochet goes). ive made 2 sales since i have posted so im excited about those, and im working on those baby booties again for my neighbors little girl. it's going to be a surprise because i think she forgot about them and they are big OU fans so they are going to be maroon and white for her little cheerleader outfit she wears. other than that i did a snowman christmas ornament. im also working on a amigurumi watch and ring holder that is going to be very cute. kinda hard to explain, it's an amigurumi, but you can use it as something with a purpose other than just sitting there and looking cute. im really really excited about trying out the shrink plastic i bought, im going to try drawing stuff since i have the good prismacolor markers, and bake it and see how it turns out then move on to designing images on the computer. it's gonna be cute!!!! anyways, i think that's it for now ill post pics of the new stuff when im finally finished ;D

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sunnie fairy said...

oh, I'm like the snowman! :] and congrats on the sales!