Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween post

yeah so this year our halloween party was bigger and better than last year im so happy! yeah, so my husband was alex from the movie/book a clockwork orange. i made the eyeballs for the wrists of his sleeves with veins out of yarn and i sewed together the man cup thing. here is a pic of him with the whole get up on:

anyways, this year i didnt go out and buy an extra expensive costume because the one i bought last year just didnt work out. i wish i did have an extra 50$ though because the online halloween shops are doing a clearence and they have the 100$ marie antoinette costume on sale for 50$. i would totally wear that next year. here's me and my friend ty he was terry from reno 911, and i was a "cat".
this was just the best halloween :D everybody dressed up this year minus 1 person i think. i thought i would post the pic of my husband though since it does fall into the handmade category because i made parts of his costume. can you believe that piece in the front of his waist is made out of an arm sling and a neck brace? 1$ at goodwill, can't beat that!!!!

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sunnie fairy said...

Oh, thrifty costumes! Those are the best. :]