Friday, November 7, 2008

free four leaf clover crochet pattern

i found this out of a vintage book and it made NO sense, so after a while i re wrote it to make sense so i figured i would share it with everybody since it's pretty quick and easy to do (now lol)

These are pretty much step by step so just do it as you go along.

Ch 2
Sc around 7 times
Inc 7 times (14 sc)

Starting Leaves:
ch 4
yarn over 2 times
insert hook in next st (the next sc to the ch 4) and draw up a loop
yarn over and draw through 2 loops
yarn over and draw through 2 loops
*Repeat 2 more times doing it in the same sc
there should be 4 loops on your hook, yarn over and draw through all 4 loops
Ch 3
Sc in the next 2
**Repeat for 3 more leaves

Ch 6 after you finish your leaves you should be right next to your starting st
at the end of the ch, sc back to the other end and sl st in the last sc st and fasten off.
Depending on which side you prefer, weave in the tail in the back of the clover.
I hope that made if not just leave a comment and ask and i will revise it :D happy crocheting!!!

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sunnie fairy said...

yay! I love free stuff. :] I'm going to try it when I have some free time.