Monday, November 24, 2008

busy busy busy

did some random things getting ready for "black friday" ill prob look like a goob when nobody even looks at my shop but hey, im in need of new stuff up anyways so oh well.

soo the first pic, is an earring holder that goes on a mirror, 2nd is a plain crochet rainbow in pastels and orginal colors and you have the option to make it what you want it as, and the 3rd is just another rainbow amigurumi hair clip with gold glitter "barf" with a bow since i just sold the other one i figured i needed to put it back up there :D anyways, lots of shrink plastic cute sweets and treats tomorrow then on to crochet amigurumi that my shop is in desperate need of. toodles!

1 comment:

sunnie fairy said...

That's a brilliant! a earring holder! :] and I think it's always good to be prepared.