Monday, November 17, 2008

blogging just because

added a new necklace to the shop, it was a big pain to "color", but it turned out awesome and big so im happy about it. working on a cluster if diamonds necklace, kinda girly, "bling bling" even though i hate that saying, and glittery. making rainbow balls for babies/toddlers, or for a pet just something simple not sure if it's going to be a gift or in the shop. i have another blog to post with more to say tomorrow.

........on a personal note im really ticked off.....i have this one neighbor that always has drama, and i mean drama like cops getting called and stuff and it's really annoying. just now one person just drove through the neighborhood almost hitting my husbands work truck and there are kids playing on sidewalks and stuff.....i cant stand it sooooooooo much......

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sunnie fairy said...

oh my gosh, I have neighbors just like yours! I hate 'em. Your necklace looks really cute! :]