Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a quick little post......

didn't have a lot of time this weekend to post a pic of the find i made at a random thrift store. i made my husband buy these for me i stumbled across them!!! SSoooooo cute the orange one is a deer, the yellow one is a rabbit, and the red one is a fox. they have a made in china sticker on their bellies and they are all made of courderoy (sp?) and they look to be ornaments.

also, finished the order for those hair clips did stuff a little different made them just a little bigger. they look find to me but im sure my embroidery "skills" could use more practice hahah. i took a pic of them as i was over reading Octopi Crafts ;D


sunnie fairy said...

hmm... I think I recognize that blog... Octopi Crafts, huh? ;]

The fruit turned out great! And those animals are adorable.

P.S. you got the question right! congrats. :]

Holly said...

Your clips look so cute, and lucky you... nice husband to buy you cute things!