Friday, October 3, 2008

its been a couple of days....

totally am still behind. i have a rabbit to crochet and a little tobagan for my neighbor's little girl as a belated 1st bday present and i had to pretty much start on another one. i also have an engagement party to attend on saturday night and i told my friend i would paint him a painting for a gift and ive only done the background i still need to paint a tree. when it's done i think it will look good :D there are sooooooo many things i need to do this is the table by my couch:

lots of different things on my table and i really need to finish that rabbit then do the painting. anyways. ive been curious here lately where you go to do a swap? ive noticed some people that do REALLY good amigurumi's are swapping with other good people and get some really awsome things from other countries or different places. anyways im rambling hope the money order is in the mail today for my first sale then ill be shipping the item out. i need to figure out what it is that people really want? i notice a lot of sales from people are crochet patterns but nobody has chosen any of mine (not that i have a lot) and i have amigurumi that are cheap in price i dunno, ill figure it out i guess, i really want to do some polymer clay things, shrink plastic, resin jewelry(one day...), and do prints of my artwork so i need to get motivated :\

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sunnie_fairy said...

can't wait to see everything finished! You do sound busy. as for swaps, I have never done a swap, so I don't know, but I would like to do a swap someday! :]