Monday, October 27, 2008

it's been a busy couple of weeks

from life being busy to trying to finish products and little orders for friends and making up new things i havent really posted anything in a while. as i may have mentioned in earlier posts i found a crochet book from goodwill with 70's crochet patterns but they are hard to read it's not really step by step. so i started on what was sapposed to be a lion but of course turned into a bear hahaha. it's probably the largest thing so far that i've crocheted but i'm really proud as to how it turned out.

i'm working on more hair clips, i did a kiwi but i don't have the right color of green haha. it's still cute though. im working on 3 hair clips right now, a watermelon, lemon, and lime slices. they are for friends and i am actually almost done they are a pretty quick little crochet project. then i really need to make things for myself so i can wear my stuff geeze. after all of that i need to do those bears and this week i have to make parts of my husbands halloween costume for our halloween party on saturday (nov 1). going to be an interesting night im expecting quite a few people i just hope there isn't any sick people or people that are disrepectful to my home etc etc if only i can find myself a costume lol. i need to figure something out quick! then ian needs a costume, whew i have a lot to do coming up but it will happen. anyways done rambling lol.

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sunnie fairy said...

Oh, I like him, and I want to see the lime and watermelon and lemon! AND pop by my blog! I'm doing a giveaway! :]