Thursday, October 9, 2008

good day and bad really....

so yesterday i found some old vintage patterns for crochet toys from the 70's that i plan on making and trying out etc but it dawned on me today that i may be crocheting COMPLETELY wrong........GRRRRRRRRRRR i need to look into it because what im doing hurts my fingernails and takes not drawing the sc through each stitch shaped kinda like this: <

the amigurumi rainbow with glitter barf i listed today : thought it was kinda silly and cute at the same time, but i need to remember to do my increases spread out so i dont get that pointy look.....i was just messing around with this one, but i need to start on a "line" of rainbow stuff some with throw up (BAHAHAH) and some without of course.......yeah, one ear left on that rabbit. already gave the other one to my friend's baby and forgot to take a pic....but i'll take one of this one before i give it away. more stuff i need to say but ill just add it in a day or two ;D

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