Saturday, October 11, 2008


yeah finally finished those bunnies ive been ranting about.

this is just the smaller one i made for my friend. actually put a little bell inside this ones belly and it rattles im sure my friend summer's little girl with like this bunny. the other bunny i gave away i was told is a new fav for her little girl rides with her in the car and she talks to it hehe. im taking a break on the baby booties i bought a pattern for on etsy. some of the directions are easy to follow but there are parts where i got turned around and was making the shoe "backwards" so i'm taking a break and clearing my head for the most part and will start again. as of right now im kinda all over the place ive started on a pattern for the little mushroom and mossy stump amigurumi that way if somebody wants to make it they can so ill hopefully have that up in the following week. after i'm done with that im going to make some bears as i mentioned in all sorts of colors and variate the pattern that i already have and write another one and sell the bears as well. after that ill probably be making hair clips, key chains, cell phone charms, and more rainbows throwing up hahhahaha ill just be tinkering for now with the pattern im working on and it's off to the texas state fair tomorrow for the first time in manyyyyy years.

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