Tuesday, September 30, 2008


happy to say that i will be making my first sale, and yes, im excited about it. and as for the post about the knitted squares blanket, yeah i totally took it apart and im just going to knit knit knit till i have a whole bunch of squares thennnn sew them together. so the past couple of days i havent been feeling very good :( and it's been messing with my crochet time. i did though finally put up the 2 vintage watches that i made wrist bands for and put them up at a price i thought was reasonable considering they probably don't work but they do look old *in a good way* and are very different and just vintage really. here's a pic of the 2 watches:

it was fun and easy to do. i need to be on the look out for more i think and keep up with doing these because i didn't find any hardly at all on etsy and they are a great way to recycle things in an inexpensive way. im really happy about what im going to make as a treat for myself which i hope turns out well......i had a bubble watch in the 90's and the wrist strap didn't hold up so i took it off so now all i have is the bubble part which is clear and blue i need to try to clean it up and make a band for it and put a battery in it. needless to say with that watch, or even these other 2 nobody else is going to have them but "you" "me" whatever :DDDD

**ALSO, i am so behind i have so many things i need/want to do im sapposed to paint, crochet gifts, fill an order, make more to list for the holidays, finish ians blanket, and also take care of things around the house......ugh! first time in a long time since ive really actually been busy with more than just a baby.


sunnie_fairy said...

those are so vintage! so cute... :]

elishacopeland said...

thank you!!!! im glad at least one person is reading this hahahah

bunzi said...

wow i like it!