Sunday, September 28, 2008

stocked up on yarn

bought a ton of yarn yesterday. i have a lot of things i need to do. i need to start righting pattern for everything i make as i go along that way im not making a million of the same thing all the time. right now im working on a blue teddy bear and ill post it on etsy (if it turns out well). if not ill try again, ill eventually post the pattern for it and make some teddy bears for upcoming neices and nephews and friends baby's.

i really need to finish my sons quit im slowly knitting squares but i ran out of the blue yarn so i started just doing squares of green and then sewed them around and it doesnt look right so ill have to take them off and just keep with the same pattern im doing.

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sunnie_fairy said...

I think it looks okay! the green plays of the blue nicely. :] i can't wait to see the bear!