Saturday, February 27, 2010

almost to 300 sales on etsy!

yay! almost to 300 sales on etsy...ive posted on my facebook fan page, myspace, shop announcement, and twitter to say that the 300th sale in my etsy shop gets a free cupcake amigurumi in the color of their choice! i'm at sale 298 right now ;D till then, i will be making fingerless mittens for friends, finishing up stuff that needs to be listed, and then more drawing up of new tee designs wee!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Not sure how long i will do this once its gone from my shop announcement its no longer being done!

till then, working on wearables for the shop and hoping to get some new graphics going, sheesh i need new business cards :\

Monday, February 15, 2010

movie post part 1

so we joined netflix not too long ago, and 5 seasons of heroes later and a few random dvds we have found some awesome movies. i'm pretty sure im already mentioning things that people have already known but i have recently discovered the awesomeness of Studio Ghibli films and especially of Hayao Miyazaki! it all struck my curiosity when i saw commercials for Ponyo. anways, we haven't even seen them all yet but i wanted to post to people who weren't sure about them and which ones are the best! im not a fan of disney really but they didn't seem to mess any of these up.

spirited away-by far the best! bought the dvd my 3 year old asks for it from time to time but i love it very good movie! me and the hubs both love it!

howls moving castle-my 3 year old sons favorite movie and one of mine as well, just bought it also on dvd and we watch it almost every day! goodness he loves it its always "castle movie mama!" lol it also has famous voices from people like jena malone, christian bale, and billy crystal.

nausicaa of the valley of the wind-it wasn't the best, it really took me a while and a second time to really get into it. its worth a watch though but its an older movie but the graphics are great but it's no akira....(because its an 80s movie as well) ^

castle in the sky - this movie took me a little bit to get into but it was really alright. kinda cool with a missing city and robots along with the fact shia lebouf plays a role in the movie i def needed to check it out. i really thought i could watch it again but the beginning is a little slow for me.

the cat returns - HAHAHAHAH this movie is great and also hilarious i loved it! i need to buy son loved seeing the cats and all that but adults can laugh because it was just be down right hilarious. cary elwes does a voice and so dont andy richter (spelling all wrong but oh well) DEF need to watch this one!!

So far that's it i think.....ill make a part 2 blog of the rest of the movies ive got ponyo coming my way its not out till next week and my neighbor totoro is on backorder on netflix. def put these in your queue if you cant think of anything to watch, i promise!

ALSO, sorry i didn't give an indepth analysis, just wanted to throw these names at whoever reads and you yourself will know what to look for where as i had to track them all down to make sure i watched them all :)